Frequently Asked Questions

Our team is always ready to provide you with price offers as soon as possible, regardless of whether you need international candy wholesale, chips products wholesale distribution, confectionery import, energy drinks distribution, or detergent storage. To get a quote, you have a few options:

1: In the search field, type the name of the product you want. “Lindt Milk Whole Almond 300 g,” for instance. Then, look at the product’s details and contact us directly through the product page. Please provide exact details to expedite communication and include your contact information for a follow-up. 
2: If you are looking for multiple confectionery products to purchase in bulk or if you are unable to locate your product, you can directly submit your inquiry via our contact form.
3: Depending on the purpose of our services, suppliers, and customers pages, you can use one of the inquiry forms. 
4: Here are the contacts of our teams.
5: Sending an inquiry via email to in**@3c************.net is always an option.

6: Direct orders and any other questions you may have are the same. Simply keep in mind to leave your contact information, and our team will get back to you.

Within the following business day, our staff will gladly respond to all of your inquiries and/or provide you with an offer. 

It doesn’t matter if you want to distribute kinder maxi, wholesale milka products, import corny, or become our new lavazza supplier. No matter what service or product you require, one of our sales representatives will respond promptly.

When it comes to international FMCG wholesale, we require a 30% deposit to secure and finish the deal.

For example, you may have made an order for imported sweets to be delivered to the Netherlands. All logistical and shipment information, as well as pricing, are confirmed. However, we cannot promise that we will maintain the stock reserved for you until we receive the amount of the deposit in our account.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about placing an order.

Please be aware of our single payment option before completing your international FMCG wholesale order online.

Only bank transfers in EUR to 3C Distribution official account are accepted.

Yes. We offer the option of marking our foreign customers’ wholesale FMCGs prior to loading. Unpacking, labelling, and repacking are all part of the process. Depending on the client’s requirements, the comprehensive labelling service includes customising of size, colour, and language.

This service is subject to a fee.

In France , we warehouse wholesale sweets, chips, candy, gums, coffee, energy drinks, and detergents. We offer two choices to our overseas clients for verifying the loading process:

We can send photographs and videos in real time or send them later.
Our clients may send a representative to supervise the loading process.

Whether you are looking for wholesale confectionary for a full truck or a single palette of coffee to be imported. Our team will plan the necessary arrangements for you. All of our distribution contractors have been thoroughly vetted and are completely dependable. All of your bulk FMCGs will arrive at your door on schedule.

We ship by car, boat, and plane. Furthermore, owing to our logistics team, we can offer combination freight: land + maritime freight for some locations.

The prices in our offers are ex-factory. Depending on your location, shipment expenses may be subject to additional pricing fares.

For example, if you want to buy Bounty wholesale and have it shipped from France to The Germany, transportation costs will be added to your offer. Our logistics staff ensures that you receive the best market prices. All clients, however, can arrange for a third party to handle the cargo.

Please keep in mind that the logistics specifications stated below are subject to road weight restrictions.

Prior to dispatching your order, the precise numbers will be confirmed.

Container typeDoor opening (m)Internal dimensions (m) Load capacity (m3)Euro pallets per layerTare (kg)Maximum payload (kg)Maximum gross weight (kg)
 20′2,342,285,892,352,3828112 30021 70024 000
20′ REF 2,292,195,532,282,2123102 95021 05024 000
40′2,322,2812,042,352,3658243 80026 20030 000*
40′ HC2,322,5812,062,352,6869244 00026 40030 400*
40′ REF2,292,2611,562,252,4050234 300 27 70032 000*
40′ HC REF2,292,5711,582,292,4055234 45029 50033 950*


Trailer type Dimensions (m) Load capacity (pallets) Maximum payload (kg) Maximum gross weight (kg)  
 Length Width Height 
Standard  13,60 2,48 2,75 33 24 000  40 000
Reefer 13,60 2,45 2,65 33 22 000  40 000
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